How can this earth even exist,

in such confusion,

never-ending mind games,

lies, deceit,

always looking for a thrill,

the next big rush,

at any cost they'll get it.

lies, lies, lies!!

gossiping and telling stories, rumors,

fill our minds,

float through the air waves,

the TV, the internet.

from mouth to mouth these stories travel,

ever being twisted and changed to be,

just a little more interesting.

ever confusion growing in the minds,

of the puppets in this play,

this story.

until an untimely peak in where,

all is set out,

fingers are pointed,

people blamed.

and yet, why are they fighting?

how the hell do they know?

that was forgotten long ago.

they're just looking for a fight,

a rise over the parties,


a time filler.