Evil World



bright world

cold evil world

swallowing the good and bringing in the pure

un-adulterated hate

well, I hate you too!

bright fires of hell burning on the surface now

risen up from the pits to expose the pure evil

of this huge earth

no shelter from the government

and his tainted words spilling from twisted lips

or from the lips of a cowardly sheep

following the trends

never looking to be different

just doing what he's told no matter how deadly or cynical

I have found a new path

different from the sheep's chosen path

I am making my own

full circle is my life, my world in my room

my safe little corner

but for how long can I hide

even when i am different I am in the greater danger

I am eternally damned in this costume this role I played just to be the same


I will not live any longer as this evil continues


stop the trends and become your own self not the one your told to be by

the media, your 'friends', your parental units,

they don't really give a damn!

and you know it too

just to afraid to admit it

you have to be the same

you're scared of what they'll say to you

want acceptance

but If they are really your friends

then they will accept you for who you are

So take off your God-damned mask

and be your self.