my throat is raw

no words will pass through my lips now

I can't speak a single word

except the words

"I love you"

but I know something this beautiful

can't last forever

I have to hold onto it forever though

First loves are always best

I don't know the words to say,

to tell you how much I need you

I am just so tired

tired of all this bullshit,

everyone is putting us through

I don't want you to cry

and I don't want to cry anymore

Why can't they leave us alone

every moment apart tears at me

days seem like months

hours like days

I don't know why I am crying anymore

I don't know why I can't speak

I don't know why things have to be so hard

why can't we just be together in peace?

forever would be bliss

but only spent with you

but I don't know how to say it

because I have forgotten how to speak

forgotten how to cry

forgotten how to forget

there is nothing without you.