<-----How To use microsoft front page ----->

to undo or redo something: use one of these in the tool bar. The one going left un-does. and the one going right re-does!

To open a new page: Go to the file menu and choose "new" then "page". (right) this menu will appear. When you click the different icons, different previews will be shown in the 'preview' area (highlighted in yellow)
To set the colors on your page: Go the the Format Menu (circled in red  at top of page) and select the "background" option. a window like this (pictured on right) will appear.

Also in this window: If you press the "general" tab at the top you can change title (not file name) of the page.

To Add a Picture: Click this icon in the tool bar this will allow you to select a saved picture file. You can also access this feature from the insert menu (circled in yellow at top of page), there you can also choose to use clip art or video. 

To Make a Hyperlink (allows you to link to other pages): highlight a picture/text that you wish to be linked. Then Click this icon in the tool bar and select the website or other page it is to be linked to.