I have fixed various parts of my life while I have ruined others further. I want everyone to exist in harmony. I WANT perfection, in every part of my life. I want an easy life. I honestly don't like to argue, but it's the only thing that solves things sometimes. sometimes you have to scream to be heard. No on e has to apologize for their feelings, sometimes I just don't want to hear things, I just don't want to deal. I find my self in love, and in hate, not for the same person. It's like I love this one person so much, I am going kick and scream and ague and change everything in my life just to make everything good, to make everyone leave us alone. I hate, people sometimes. I understand when I good friend wants to interfere, when he thinks his friend is hurt. but listen to that friend first, comfort that friend, before you take action, before you cause grief.

I CAN TAKE CARE OF MY SELF. I am not a dirty skank. I am aware of myself. I do what I want. I want to be with someone forever, so I will, and from here on in, I am not letting anything get in the way of that. I want to put the past behind me and start new with every aspect, of my life. my life. I nearly lost what is dearest to me, and I NEVER want it to happen again. I acted without thinking. I acted too soon, and then I was tortured for a day because of it. Secrets are sacred, and when a problem seems to be fixed leave it be, by letting something be known to the entire general public, it will most likely make the problem worse. as real life as so blatantly showed us here on earth.

earth seems like a place I would like to visit. Isn't earth a wonderful place where we all exist together, and life is at least tolerable? isn't there freedom of expression and speech? I want to be me and make my statement. I want to be, I want to exist, I am capable. I am smarter than everyone fucking well thinks. I can't take responsibility for my actions. I can. And I don't make that statement very often, so remember it.