So What?


so what's the point?

I hate this game

do you care that much?

why the torture

why the pain

what is the point?

I really don't get it

when we do what you want

your still unsatisfied

you hate and you lie

and it's all directed at us

so what if we're not perfect

we're only 14

why is it never good enough

we are always so pathetic

we're not like you are

so we're not good enough

well just look at

what you amounted to!

middle class slobs

and you want us to be like you?

Don't you want better for you children?

don't grab me, shake me,

tug me, yell at me!

you hold me back

I can cross the street by my self now

I am a bigger girl than you think

I can handle myself

so what's the point in all this anger and frustration

that you throw at us

we're only 14

and we need to explore