the world around me spins,

I am falling into a never ending abyss.

I am not the same person I was a 4 months ago,

hell, I am not the same person I was yesterday.

I don't know where to turn as the universe comes crashing down,

I am stuck in a confusing rut,

until the end of my days.

A sickening dizziness is swallowing me.

I am falling away from my old morals and values,

I am constantly pre-judged for who I was years ago,

no one understands me most don't even care,

But this dizziness still won't go away no matter how loud I scream,

or how long I cry myself to sleep at night..

'Round and 'round the evil merry-go-round,

It's all a pointless game.

I don't know where I end and the madness begins,

no one to lead me or help me along the way,

they just think I am the same and I will never change,

"She can do it on her own she's a strong girl" they say

but they'll change their mind when they dizziness is finished taking over

I think I am missing the point why the hell are we here?

Oh happy bottle you comfort me so,

but your dizzy feeling is good and comforting,

You tell me it's fine and who cares about the rest of those bastards,

they'll pay in the end

I dance in a spinning world where I can forget my problems and show them all

I am not the same prissy girl I was years ago,

I don't give a damn about rules and morals anymore,

I am not a robot anymore,

so I'll sit fucked-up in my room waiting for it all to end in this horrible dizziness,

Spinning round and round hoping for the world to just end.