Emerald ~ Raven ~ Amythest


The star sisters consists of three members, Raven, Amythest, and Emerald. Amythest and Emerald are step-sisters, and Raven is best friends with them. I (Emerald) love Raven and Amythest with all my heart and soul. We Discovered Wicca together, and we practice together. The Star Sisters is the name of our coven. Because though we may not be bonded by blood, we were all brought together by something much greater than us for some reason.  Friends like this don't come along very often, and for a lot of people, never. 




The stars sisters have studied, and have formed our own beliefs, Based upon Wicca and Witchcraft. 

We are three very different people, Raven - mega punk/Goth, Amythest - the odd preppy, Emerald - Freak of nature. We are our own people and we all have our own opinions, which are quite different from person to person. I consider myself in the middle (while I may be the youngest, Amythest being the oldest) I am in between (leaning  far towards Raven) in everything from attitude, clothes, and music.  I took the best of both sides (if there is such thing a good teenie bopper, Kidding!!). Amythest being mostly pop, with influences from Raven and myself, of punk and metal. As for clothing, Well let's just say we all love second-hand stores.

I don't want to get mushy (Haven't I already??) but I decided to make this section of my website dedicated to our friendship, because it was deserving of it, and I wouldn't be complete without Raven and Amythest's as Friends. Our Friendship will continue through our next incarnations (whether it be Lioness, Falcon, and Platypus) as it has through our previous.