So Gwen-a told me she thinks she is bi. Me said "go Gwen"

Odd way to start it but, yeah. I often think about that, in the last year especially. But then I think hey I am just comfortable. All that really matters is that you care for someone. I think that things like that though have to come on a person by person basis. It could be that your only attracted to (let's just say...) 2 people or the same and/or opposite sex in your whole life. it depends.

It's not a nagging thing at all. I just think, guy and chicks carry the same 'baggage' (this can also be reffered to as the "same shit different pile" principle). When you love someone, you love them for *everything* they are, everything. You celebrate it.

I am happy with my status now. I wouldn't even say I am questioning, this was just a thought!