Art sucks. I hate being told what to draw. I honestly think it should be a class where we are shown techniques, and art forms. Then we are given free art assignments to use those ideas in. Instead of being told to draw a stupid unimaginative bug with leaves, and we are told what materials to use, and where. We really do nothing for our assignments. They telling us how art is such an amazing expression of our deepest thoughts and feelings, but how can we express ourselves through art when we are being told exactly what to do? I, personally cannot create unless it is on my own free will. I don't like time limits, and I don't being told what to do when it comes to art. If they are going to constantly tell us that art is such an expression, then why don't they show us that? I do realize that some people need the constant conformed assignments, But there are a lot of students that can handle it, and need it. 

    Teachers can be so discouraging! today as I began to explain an answer to a question, I had to repeat part of the answer to the previous question. As I did my teacher gave me this look that was like 'are you stupid?? we just said that! you aren't listening are you??' and then he said, "oh we just said that..." I said "I know that...let me finish" and he gave me the look again as I continued to explain the answer, so I stopped. I hadn't repeated anything this time, he just looked at me like I was an idiot and I don't know why. I was giving the right answer. and when I stopped he said go on, and I told him "no friggin' way" and he looked at me again then talked for 40 minutes straight. Every 5 or 10 minutes he'd make sure to bring up the fact that I wouldn't finish explaining. What is the point in that? what did I do? My teachers all seem to turn me off of learning.  Especially the teacher above,   I honestly feel like some (not all I must admit) of my teacher WANT me to fail. 

    One time I was sent down to my vice principals office because my supply teacher thought I was a disruption to the class. Really, I was sitting in class practically silent, waiting for the class to finish copying a note off the overhead, because I couldn't read it. I couldn't read it because I had not yet gotten my glasses. And I had already arranged to copy the note from someone else in the class when they were finished (I am near sighted). The supply decided that I was a disruption to the class and sent me to the SSC (student support center a.k.a. the vice principals office). So I waited a long time to talk to my specific vice, and then when i got in there, he didn't believe that I need glasses either and they told me that I would fail in life and die in the gutter if I continued like I was. then they made me sit in the SSC ( a cold dirty room with a bunch of losers and a secretary in it, where you have to be compleetly silent) for a period, doing work I didn't understand because I couldn't copy the note. I really don't understand how not yet having glasses will make me die in the gutter.


this will constantly be updated when ever I have a new story about why school is stupid.