suspended moments in time 

I awake every morning to the same thing, waiting to go back to sleep again.

- Wednesday December 6 -

I got suspended today for calling miss shadar a stupid bitch (yes I am awake that I didn't put any caps/punctuation in her name). I am going to fail her class no matter how hard I try, it's too late. Disney isn't science. losing my mark because her computer was stolen doomed me. Back up disks that are not kept *in* the laptop is reasonable isn't it? is there anything with using paper to record marks too? I understand everything we do in science, everything I am actually bored because it is too easy. There was a difficult transition between applied and academic, but I got over that. Ick, it's still not good enough. Look where I am, suspended for three days, grounded for a week.

I don't want to write about it anymore so if you actually want to know more ask.

Today was the 11th anniversary of the tragic loss of 14 beautiful young women. They were murdered purely because they were women. Women in a tech college. I always cry everyday this year. Some people are so, insane. I bought a white ribbon today in the café. I don't plan to ever take it off.

- Thursday December 7 -

I went on Doug's run for the arts today. My uncle owns the store (Doug being his brother), and he was being a dick, so after lifting amps in the cold. Doug came back and quit, but agreed to finish the month, only because it's December. But I got to play with guitars while all this happened, so oh well. 

It's not like Doug was getting paid much. It was... a favor.

My lesson was funny, I taught myself  today while my teacher (mark) talked on and on. I am learning Closing time by semisonic, because it's easy. He is so funny sometimes. 

"you know what is a good song to make out to? closer." (referring to Nine Inch Nails) - - Mark 

- Friday December 8 -

"It was Twenty Years ago today..."

- Sgt. Pepper

8 December 1980  In the Late afternoon, on his way out of the Dakota building in Manhattan, John Lennon stops to give an autograph to a young man from Hawaii named Mark David Chapman. The two are photographed together. At 10:49 pm Chapman steps out of the shadows and guns down John Ono Winston Lennon as he returns home form a recording session accompanied by his wife Yoko. The world morns Johns loss. 

- 'The Illustrated John Lennon' by Geoffrey Giuliano

It is the 20th anniversary of the murder of John Lennon. Another day to morn. Such beautiful people lost. John was murdered simply because Mark David Chapman wanted to be "famous". I guess it worked. Chapman was denied parole on the 9th of October (our birthday, being John and I). Now, John would have been 60 years young. 

- Saturday December 9 - 

Bored out of my skull. Playing guitar all day all day. Listening to A Perfect circle and Beatles, and I am about to put on some pumpkins.

Well My suspension is over, I am back on Monday. Mom and Dad are meeting with miss shadar and the guidance councilor I filed my complaint with on Monday, during second. Death again. miss shadar is two faced, and parents take teachers words over mine.

my moral of the story, don't get caught.



Waiting for sleep.