I am not your normal teenager. I am not your every day teeny-bopper girl. I am different. Don't Apply Your Punk Stereo-types on me. I am Different. I Know What I Am Thinking And Don't Tell Me It's Wrong Because It's Not Your Oh So Mature ADULT View. I am who I am and don't try to change me because you don't understand me; not what the media says I am, me. I am an individual, just like you. I am a Punk, a Witch, a Teenager. You fear me because I can be myself and you cannot. Can't I be different? I can't conform to your little set of special values and rules. I have My Own Set Of Values. I am who I want to be, myself. Make an effort to understand me before you put me down and push me away, I am an individual and don't listen to what the TV. says, or the newspaper says, or the radio says. Just allow me to BE me and in return I will respect you.