We are all that matters


everything will be, if we want it to

nothing will be different

if we don't want it to be

We are all that matters now


I care to much to let you go

I promise to not let you screw things up

If you don't let me

we can be together forever if we both want it


Everything will be better now.

we are together and that is all that matters

the future holds so much for us

I can feel through my whole being.


Don't ever leave me,

and I will never leave you

I am always there for you

you can say anything to me


never lie to me

and I will never lie to you

I will always be there, and understand

if you tell me what is on your mind


We can become everything, If we want too

we are all that matters

don't worry about what anyone else says

all that matters is us


It doesn't have to be complicated

We can keep it simple and sweet


I always want to know what you think

nothing is stupid if you believe it

I understand everything you say

I want to hear your words forever


there are no words left to describe how I feel

promise that we'll stay together forever

and I will make sure it happens

keep me grounded, and I will you