Amazing how fucked up the world is,

all these people, billions of them,

worrying their lives away,

falling into a black abyss.

Gossiping to add drama,

to their insignificant lives.

tossing and turning each night,

wondering what horrors,

the next day will bring.

City's of mindless robots fill our earth,

following the trends,

never making an attempt to

be different.

Watching the 6 o'clock news every evening,

to hear about the newest scandal.

Watching TV. tabloid trash shows,

to hear more gossip,

about celebrities that they'll never meet,

and really don't matter.

People going to the same desk job every day,

same routine, different spin, day, after, day.

Commercials poison the television screen,

telling us what to waste our money on next,

Brainwashing us into buying,

the same clothes as everyone else.

98% of the planets population can't even think for themselves!